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About ice climbing in Korouoma


Korouoma is located at 100 km distance from Rovaniemi, it takes about 1H30 to go there by car, and same time to come back.


It is a national park, a protected natural area with all the restrictions related to his status.


There is no proper place to warm up, before, during or after the activity.


The closest populated city, with health care and useful services is Posio ( 35 km ).


There is a very poor phone coverage in the canyon and at the parking place.


Rescue mountain services are not professionally organized in Finland as it is in the Alpes or some other European country. 


It is a very cold place and temperature can drop down to -20 °c from a day to another. Day light in the deep winter start 10h00 and ends 14H00, it last 12H00 per day in march.



Frozen water falls are 20 to 70 m vertical and level difficulty is grade III to grade V+, they are not avalanche prone. 

It is a runoff ice process wich sticks on the cliffs, there is no free standing pillars neither risks of collapsing due to the stability of the cold climate.

Approaching the climbing spots take about 45 minutes walk on an easy path.


You must make sure to have proper warm clothes, underwear,  2 pairs of gloves and one warm beanie.


Ice climbing Lapland provides high-end individual climbing gears : Petzl ice axes and crampons, rope, ice screws, quick draws, harness, helmets, headlights, and proper climbing shoes.

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